Saturday, November 21, 2009

Songwriting Contest

Have you ever aspired to be a great writer or songwriter? Whether a writer of novels, songs or short stories, do you dream of writing materials to be read by others who admire your talent? Maybe you'd like to write poems to express your feelings on paper. Have you ever dreamed of being a writer of songs to be sung by famous artists?

Songwriting comes from deep within and the lyrics are usually the expression of someone's true feelings. If you have a desire and can express yourself in writing, then you have the making of a songwriter. Whether you're a happy person and can express that happiness into a song, or a romantic person with the capability of writing a beautiful love song, your unique talents can shine through in a song. You can achieve your goals with the vast opportunities available in the music industry. Now that you've learned how to play violin, get your music noticed!

Numerous Ways to Get Your Songwriting Talent Noticed

One way to get noticed is to use your talent by entering a lyrics contest. Many are available now on the Internet. One unique songwriting contest in particular allows you to enter in a lyric and compete for a spot in which an actual song is in the making to help fight the battle against cancer. The song is called "Oceans of Love" and plans are underway to have it recorded by a well-known recording artist once all the lyrics have been chosen.

Some lyrics contests might allow you to enter lyrics and music you've written while others might allow you to enter the lyrics of the song without music.

If you have lyrics and a great tune but no sheet music, there are many programs available online today that will write the sheet music to your song for you with minimal effort. You'll just enter the key notes into the songwriting software and the program actually writes the notes for the sheet music.

Also, you can ask a musician you know and trust to put music to your words. Don't give up just because you don't have the music. Your song could be a hit if you strive to get it recognized.

A Wide Variety of Music

Whether you're into country music, contemporary Christian, gospel, or pop, the music industry offers opportunities for everyone. If you prefer alternative blues, jazz and everything in between, there's a place for you among the music stars. The possibilities of entering into different types of songwriting contests are endless, especially if you have access to the Internet. This is a great way to get started. What do you have to lose?

Don't Wait. Just Go For It!!

Whatever your dreams and aspirations may be and however you decide to achieve them, there is a world out there waiting for your talent. No one will ever know you possess the talent unless you reveal it.

You can get your talent noticed. Think of all the people who have talent but are afraid to venture out for fear of being rejected. There are many very talented people who will always wonder, "What could have been?" Don't let life pass you by. Take a chance and at least explore the songwriting possibilities that are awaiting you.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Music And Personal Encrichment

One of the things a lot of us enjoy is listening to music. As a musician and songwriter, a great deal of my time is spent listening to or creating music. Sitting at my synthesizer and spontaneously playing a tune is also one way I relax and unwind after a hard day. Tickling the ivory is great when you want to relax your mind, and physically energize your body. Somewhat like physical exercise, playing a musical instrument releases pent-up anger and utilizes the extra adrenaline the human body produces when under stress.

Music is also therapeutic and vital to human beings and allows us to escape from the stresses and demands of our hectic and fast-paced lifestyle. Forgetting the worries we carry around with us, music allows us to take a journey to a faraway place, without ever leaving our chair: somewhere pleasant, exciting, and at the same time, stress-free.

Recording our favorite music on CD's, iPods, or creating play lists for our computers, we can simply develop our own compilation of music-to-go and play them in cars, in the gym and while at work. With the latest popular technological invention, the iPod, the prospect of musical fulfillment is endless. The iPod can store a multitude of tunes and enables the listener to have virtually uninterrupted songs to enjoy whenever and wherever we choose.

With all the current technological advances at our disposal, musical expression has come a long way, taking recording music and sound to the next level. Whether you perform music or are an avid listening, most humans will agree: Life would not be as colorful without some form of music to enrich our lives.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Importance Of Musical Instruments

Since times of yore, man has been associated with music. It is the expression of the heart. History tells us that Neanderthal man used bone flute. Evidence also exists that percussive instruments might have been used.

Defining a musical instrument: anything that produces sound can be called a musical instrument. The term usually is reserved for instruments that have a particular function in an orchestra. The academic study of musical instruments is known as organology.

Instruments can be identified by the way they are played and the tone they generate. Wind instruments, using power of the lungs, String instruments where strumming is required and electronic instruments that play automatic by touch of keys. Even the human voice can be termed an instrument as the singer generates the voice through the effort of his lungs and vocal cords acting together.

Wind instruments can be either built of wood or brass. A good example of the former could be the flute while trumpet is an excellent example of the latter. These instruments play when the musician blows into a tube. There are holes which one can open and close with the fingers to produce different kinds of sound.

String instruments are completely opposite. They are played by strumming on the cords. A good example would be the guitar. Some well known guitarist's were the Beatles and Dire straits

Percussion instruments can be played when struck. The sound is determined by the material of which the striking surface is made and the cavity that is left to produce the sound. Drums are excellent examples of such instruments. They are used by rock bands across the world.

We now come to the electronic instruments. This category includes the keyboard and electronic guitar. These instruments often follow other types of instruments. The keyboard for example. It can play virtually any instrument ever discovered. Paddles and other accessories change the sound to match the instrument they are trying to imitate.

Of all the instruments we have talked about, the human voice is the most complicated. Through tightening of muscles, drawing breath in different ways, singers can generate wide ranging voices that affect us in strange ways. In medieval times, minstrels use to sing stories to the common people making them cry and laugh. They use to have immense power over the masses. Even today if you listen to a good singer, you are moved by his or her rich voice and emotions.

Music has always been and will be a part of us. It is straight from our hearts and the purest form of our emotions. The secret to every tradition is held in its music. Classical raaga in the case of India with its charming and emotional touch and haunting melodies from Ireland give us a taste of the mystery that lies in the fogs there.